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Purpose.. everything has one :)

Every free second have a purpose
Every good health have a purpose
Every blessings have a purpose
Every hardship have a purpose
Every single thing

It’s really how we see it as a purpose or as an excuse from remembering Allah swt..


Seeing posts on Palestine suffering really break this heart
While Allah gives us the blessings of having a comfy life over this end

Oh WAIT a second!
Is living in this super duper comfy home with lovey dovey family is a blessings?
It is one of the blessings that Allah bestow upon us Hamdulillah

To be at their place indeed are also a blessings
Perhaps a bigger blessings as they are the choosen one…

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It’s painful to see our Muslim brothers & sisters having a hard time 

But whats more painful is that not be able to help them even when you can do so

Keep making sincere Dua to them in your Sujood for they need not other help from us but a sincere Dua 

May Allah keep all Muslim all around the world safe and sound and bless us abundantly Ameen <3 



Are we chasing the right thing?
Day to day
Minute to minute
Second to second

Am I?

Each time I stumble
I will start thinking again and again

Is this what I really want?
Is this what my focus really is?
Is this what I have been struggling for?

An Absolute NO

What I longing for is
A house built for me in Jannah
A permenant happiness
Meeting Allah

And thus I shall keep struggling
And thus I…

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