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Let go or Keep going?

Do we go after what we love?
Do we let go of what we love?

Which one?

If the thing that we desire makes us forget Allah even not directly but somehow contribute towards it

Then I guess it’s a clear cut line
Walk away from it. No hesitation

Nothing matter more than Allah in this life

You can love anything that you wish or desire but remember The One who loves you more than anything is Allah SWT

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Indeed only with the remembrance of Allah do heart find peace :)

If u are lost, trust me.. All you need is Allah and none other.

You don’t have to seek it by getting the yummiest meal ever or you don’t have to find it by hanging out with your bestest friend ever. You don’t have to have a good and longest sleep ever

Cause at the end of the day The One who are able to grant you the tranquility is only Allah

♡ return to Him if u feel lost cause perhaps Allah allow you to experience the feeling just so you will return back to Him ♡

Not a good start

Not a good start

I shall begin my post with May Allah forgive me 

Not a good start to begin the day with SubhanAllah

Today I drove over a cat by accident :( 

and thus my feeling is terrible and horrible subhanAllah

From morning up till now

Something that happened by accident 

Without my plan

And no matter how much i took precaution against it

It just happened

O Allah

May you save the cat

And may you forgive…

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Anonymous asked:

Salam :) Im sorry cz im not asking..but i wnna praise 4 wht u did.. Ur words ws very2 beautiful n sometimes touch ❤️ I might dnt know who u are but i know u r from malaysia :) May Allah Allah ease ur day n showers u with happiness ukhti :) Akak doakan sy pass exam dunia dn akhirat ye😄 -lotssoflovefromEgypt

Salam ukhtee :) 

May Allah grant you the best of this world and the Hereafter my dearest. yup im from malaysia.. keep me in your Dua as well yea! 

Love you for the sake of Allah! 

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